We work on all types of computers and networks as long as they are Windows or Novell based.  We do not work on Apple or Linux, sorry.


We specialize in working on WAN hardware and routers to safeguard your networks from the nasties that are on the outside world.

Outside the Box

Sometimes we have to think outside the box and come up with fixes that do not seem normal but will work in your network.


Operating Systems

We are certified and work on all operating systems on the PC side from Windows 95 - Windows 10.  On the server side we are certified on and work on all operating systems from Windows NT - Windows 2016.


We always work within your budget but be aware that in the computer industry the rule of thumb is that for every one year in human life you are dealing with 20 years for the electronics.  If you have a seven year old computer then you are basically dealing with a 140 year old person.  For almost all electronics the end of life is always five years.